SO Fucked Up

May 06

My 3rd favorite song…… right now lol

May 06


  • Hi : )
May 02

May 02


Dolphins are bad at jokes.

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Apr 30


"Black Clouds"

I tried reaching for the sky

But ended up on the ground

I could never reach that high

Therefore I’ll see you around

But everywhere I go

Feels like black clouds are following me

Reaping what I sow

Mocking with its foul imagery

Striking on my parade everyday

Walking alone through pouring rain

Killing my light I have made

Swallowing my heart down the drain

Where I feel there’s an endless hole

That everyone can see through

I started falling forever ago

And there’s nothing I can do

Because everywhere I go

These black clouds keep following me

Reaping what I sow

Mocking with its foul imagery

Of broken bones and Ferris wheels

Destroying everything I touch

My wounded skin can not be healed

Leaving me with nothing much

But I’m not angry; in fact I’m glad

For we learn from our mistakes

The only thing that makes me mad

Is that mistakes I can not help but make

Because these black clouds have locked on

And left a target on my back

Pretty soon I’ll be gone

Response from a heart attack

And every new street I turn

And scamper down towards

The black clouds they burn

And follow me forwards

The only direction I can go

These black clouds live with me

Is what I’ll forever know

Is why I always plea

For them to come again another day

Or at least by a number decrease

Go ruin someone else’s parade

And leave me to my inner peace

Apr 30

love this so XD and this band almost my favorite

Apr 30


the place i want to visit most is spain… planing on takiing a trip a cupple years from now :)